Creación Latina Magazine

Mexico – France
February – March 2015

Filigree Technique

The filigree is a technique that is based on the generation of jewelry from fabrics formed by high purity silver threads. It’s a totally craftsmanship technique; handmade items are entirely manufactured, so although several pieces of the same reference are elaborated, each one of them is unique. Each jeweler devotes significant time and dedication to each piece; it is a work of patience that is done in outdoor kiosks in workshops of Mompox, within an atmosphere of tranquility and inspiration.

History and Filigree

In colonial times, Mompox was a goldsmith port where treasures of the crown were stored there. Then Spaniards began to work on the jewelry raw material and then began to instruct the natives in the metalworking techniques; therefore the Filigree Expressions can be seen not only in jewelry but in architectural and urban elements as well, such as windows, benches, street lamps, signaling, among others.

The technique of filigree was passed on from generation to generation and although there are schools that teach such technique, most people learn in outdoor workshops taught in most cases by a family member or a close person. Upon reaching professional maturity these trainees set up their own workshops and carry on the tradition.

By bringing together the search for beauty, the craftsmanship, the history and tradition at the service of modernity, Contemporary Filigree is generated and expressed in Artistic Pieces of Jewelry.


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