Tania Revueltas is a jewelry identified with the value of the unique and genuine design.
We gathers geometry and passion, expressing through the craftsman knowledge the best of both worlds in jewels that print edge to the watermark, delivering a new concept based on an ancient technique.

I am an architect, designer of jewelry who loves to design. My roots from Mompox and my academic education lead me to reinvent this technique thus creating a contemporary filigree. I am in constant search for beauty and experiences that lead us to fully enjoy life. I love art, photography, jewelry, books and all sources of inspiration that allow us to identify ourselves as people; I love jewelry with meaning and with history that have a personality able to establish a differential with other types of jewelry.


In Tania Revueltas Joyería we create more than jewels: Artistic Pieces of Jewelry that result from the union between two worlds: the ancient and the contemporary, architecture and jewelry, the speed of a big city and the time that freezes in Mompox. Each piece of jewelry is made entirely by hand: they are unique pieces for unique people.